HSTA presidential candidate Rosenlee wins re-vote

The ballots have been tallied from Tuesday’s Hawaii State Teachers Association re-vote, and a presidential candidate who sought to halt it through a temporary restraining order has won.

Campbell High School social studies teacher Corey Rosenlee got enough votes for the second time to become the union’s new president.

Now that his presidency is official, Rosenlee says he’ll focus on improving education.

“So evaluation and testing are not going to fix our problems. We need to hire good teachers, put them in environments where they have low class sizes, (air conditioning) in a room that’s not going to fall apart and this is how we can start improving our education,” he said.

Other election results: Justin Hughey, a special education teacher at King Kamehameha III Elementary School on Maui, is vice-president; and Mililani High School social studies teacher Amy Perruso is secretary-treasurer.

All three will begin their three year-term on July 8.

“I would like to thank our teachers for taking the time to vote for their new leadership team,” said Wilbert Holck, HSTA executive director. “We will work closely with our new state officers to ensure a smooth transition.”

“I offer my congratulations to our new team on their election,” said President Wil Okabe. “I wish them the best in leading our association as the HSTA continues to advocate for our teachers and for high-quality public education for every student across our state.”

The HSTA threw out the original results because officials say some teachers did not get their ballot in the mail.

A second round of voting took place at various polling locations at schools throughout the state on Tuesday, June 2. Absentee ballots postmarked by June 2 were also available to those unable to vote at polling sites.

A total of 3,149 ballots were cast for the re-vote.

The HSTA Elections Committee tallied the ballots on Monday, June 8, as overseen by the League of Women Voters. Results were submitted and certified by the HSTA’s board of directors on Tuesday, June 9.

HSTA members also elected Cliff Fukuda as the National Education Association (NEA) director for the upcoming three-year term, which begins Sept. 1. He is a social studies teacher and coach at Aiea High School. Jonathan Gillentine, an early learning specialist from the Windward District Office, will serve as the NEA alternate director.

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