Natural disaster preparedness

When a natural disaster strikes, there is often little time to prepare for it. That is why it is extremely important that you have an emergency response plan and that everyone in your family is familiar with that plan.

Today, we’re talking about natural disaster preparedness with John Cummings who is with the Department of Emergency Management  and Jack Grimmer from Hawaii Gas.


According to Cummings, the primary natural disasters that can affect us here in Hawaii are Tsunamis and Hurricanes, although there are also many other types of hazards that could affect us. Disasters have no set schedule. Hurricane season runs from June 1 – November 1, however, Hawaii has had tropical cyclone systems outside of those months.


Families can prepare for natural disasters by having an Emergency Plan, making a survival kit and being informed. In your disaster kit, you should include enough emergency supplies to last you and your family a minimum of 7 days. Non- perishable food, water, eating utensils, radio, flashlight.


If there is a natural disaster, you can get information by tuning in to the radio and/or television.  Information and instructions will be relayed to the public through these media channels.

Information can also be found at After the emergency has passed and it is safe, inspect your home for damage, be sure to check your gas pipes and equipment.  Look for any signs of leaks.


To check for a leak, do three things: Look, Listen and Smell.


If you are ordered to evacuate and have turned your gas service off, Hawaii Gas will send a trained professional to restore your service.  Never attempt to turn on your gas service yourself after valves have been shut off.  Contact Hawaii Gas and they will make sure your gas system is safe to turn back on.

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