Fun and learning at Pearlridge Center with e-magine fun!

Looking for fun and a great way to learn this summer? Head to e-magine fun! at Pearlridge Center! e-magine fun! is a uniquely curated, hands-on exhibit of games, puzzles, robotics and experiences.  This event combines things like the Euro bungee, Eyeplay interactive gaming, app controlled robots, life size puzzles (8ft in size), mazes challenges from an renowned international maze creator, and some favorite classic games presented in ways you’ve never seen before.

The Eurobungee is awesome! It takes the trampoline to new levels. With the combination of a bungee cord and the trampoline you can jump higher than you ever thought and you can pull off the greatest front flips or backflips of your life, all with the assurance that you will be safe. Anyone over the age of three and under 200lbs can participate.

This event offers both free activities and paid experiences.  You can enjoy our life size puzzles, games, and floor mazes for free.  The Eurobungee, App robotic trick park, Eyeplay Interactive Floor, and rope maze have nominal fees.

Each is individually priced or you can purchase an experience package for $19.00.  The great part of the experience package is that one person can have all four experiences or you can split the tickets between the family. e-magine fun! is June 20 to July 19 and is in Pearlridge Uptown and Downtown, and you can find out more details at

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