Hawaii leadership program PCF seeks new set of candidates

Hawaii will face numerous challenges in the years ahead. If our state is to prosper, we need to find the next generation of leaders.

That’s the idea behind The Pacific Century Fellows Program, which is looking for its next set of leaders right now. Founder Mufi Hannemann explained the program gives the fellows a broader view of civic duty through direct contact with senior community, social and government leaders; and encourages the development of long-term relationships between leaders young and old, united in their commitment to find creative solutions to the challenges facing the state.

Based on the White House Fellows Program, the Pacific Century Fellows Program brings together annually up to 32 of Hawaii’s most promising individuals from all walks of life, fields and professions.

PCF alumnus David Walfish says the program opened his eyes to various sectors of society, and inspired him to further give back to the community. “It was a fantastic experience. We all came away from the program with a deeper understanding of how complex the issues facing our state are. Giving back is an important part of the program, so we PCF alumni are working with public high school students. They’ll be shadowing us and learning about what we do in our jobs. We’re hoping they will decide to stay here in Hawaii and work with us in business and in improving our state.”

The Pacific Century Fellows Program is seeking individuals in their late-20’s to early-40’s, in the middle stages of their careers from all segments of the community: business, education, tourism, healthcare, government and non-profit organizations.

Candidates should demonstrate the ability to set and achieve goals and possess strong leadership qualities in their professional, volunteer or civic activities. Deadline to submit your application is July 15. More at pacificcenturyfellows.com.

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