Kapiolani Medical Center offers free pregnancy app

Hapai app screenshots

Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children has launched a mobile health app that helps mothers and babies stay healthy during and after pregnancy.

Hāpai (the Hawaiian word for pregnant) features weekly updates so that parents can track their baby’s development in real-time and learn about their pregnancy.

The free app also provides helpful tools and resources to guide them through their pregnancy, as well as tips for preparing for the day of the baby’s arrival.

“Our new app provides expectant moms and dads easy access to information to many of the questions and concerns they have,” said Martha Smith, CEO of Kapiolani Medical Center. “Hāpai is an extension of the services we offer and it’s a fun, informative way for mothers to receive additional information on their pregnancies. Perhaps most importantly, since content was created in conjunction with our Kapiolani experts, expectant parents are assured the information can be trusted.”

After entering the due date, parents can receive notifications about relevant pregnancy details and updates on what is going on with their baby week-by-week. The app even provides a list of popular baby names for inspiration.

Other features of the Hāpai app include:

  • My Reminders: Track doctor appointments, shopping needs, exercise times and more.
  • My Notes: Log how you are feeling, write down questions to ask your doctor and have other pregnancy information with you at all times.
  • Big Day Checklist: Get organized as you prepare for the big day with lists of essential items and what you will need to bring to the hospital.
  • Contraction Counter: Time your contractions when you think you are going into labor.

Parents can also use the app after the baby is born to keep track of feeding times and amounts, appointment alerts, as well as resources and classes at Kapiolani for breastfeeding, infant care and more.

Hāpai is available to download for both iOS (Apple) and Android mobile phones.

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