P.F. Chang’s Waikiki launches new locally inspired entrees

P.F. Chang’s Waikiki has six new items on their menu!  The new dishes were inspired by local Chef Tate Nakano-Edwards.

In today’s Hawaii’s Kitchen, Trini catches up with Chef Tate as he prepares two of the news items, Garlic Prawns and Kim Chee Fried Rice with Kochujang Sauce. YUM!

The new menu items are:

  • Crispy Coconut Prawns – $7.99– this tasty dish features prawns wrapped in coconut and won ton threads then lightly fried and served with a sweet plum sauce.
  • Garlic Prawns – $22.99 – prawns gently cooked in a rich garlic butter sauce accompanied with a pickled pepper slaw.
  • Cantonese Style Steamed Snapper – $29.99 – fresh snapper steamed with ginger, scallion and cilantro finished with hot oil and served in a savory black bean sauce.
  • Fried Snapper –$29.99 – fresh snapper fried to crisp perfection accompanied by savory sautéed oyster mushroom and a slightly spicy sauce.
  • Kalbi Jim – $24.99 – bone in short ribs braised in a sweet soy sauce flavored with finger, garlic and scallion until fall apart tender.
  • Kim Chee Fried Rice – $15.50 – fried rice seasoned with sweet and spicy kochujang sauce and locally made Kim Chee topped with two fried eggs, over easy.

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