Details emerging about shooting suspect killed after opening fire on Dallas police

This 2013 photo provided by the Dallas County Jail shows James Boulware. Dallas Police Chief David Brown said the suspect who opened fire outside Dallas police headquarters Saturday, June 13, told authorities he was James Boulware before a police sniper shot and killed the suspect. Authorities declined to officially identify the suspect until a medical examiner verified it. Jeannine Hammond, Boulware's mother, said in a statement to local media that "we lost him to mental health long before we lost him to death." Boulware's father, Jim, said that he never thought his son would become violent despite a history of "making statements." (Dallas County Jail via AP)

(CNN) — Details are emerging Sunday about the shooter who opened fire on Dallas police from an armored van and planted bombs at police headquarters.

James Boulware’s father said his son had lost everything and blamed police for losing custody of his child.

Boulware identified himself to Dallas police during a Saturday shooting rampage that trailed from police headquarters to a restaurant parking lot.

Jim Boulware told CNN’s Sarah Sidner his son visited him just hours before the shooting began. “I tried to tell him the police didn’t do it,” he said. “The police were doing their job to enforce the laws.”

Boulware said his son purchased the van used in the attack from eBay earlier this month. It’s the same van police snipers shot into as the stand-off ended, killing the shooting suspect.

Investigators later detonated explosives planted in the van, leaving it a burned-out hulk.

Details of James Boulware’s troubled past are emerging: Authorities say the shooter had a record of domestic violence and custody issues.

Dallas county judge Kim Cooks told CNN that “in my courtroom, I had extra security put in place, ’cause he was always a threat to us. We just didn’t know what he would do or when he would do it or what was going to happen.

“He would look at you as if he wanted to kill you,” she said.

Boulware said his son wasn’t a terrorist, just desperate.

“He said, ‘dad, I have lost my house, my tools, my son. I’m going through every dime I’ve got. I can’t find a job because I got domestic violence on my record.’ He said I’ve lost everything.”

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