Hawaiian Humane Society celebrates ‘Love a Cat Month’

(AP Photo/Black and Orange Cat Foundation, Kristin Ramsdell)

The Hawaiian Humane Society is celebrating Love a Cat Month in June all month long.

All adoptions for cats, six months and older, are free and ID tags are 25 percent off for all adopters.

The free adoption includes services such as spay/neuter surgery, health examination, microchip ID and post-adoption healthcare for two weeks.

Summer means longer days, which is optimal for cat breeding. The Humane Society expects a surge of cats and kittens into the shelter in need of loving, permanent homes.

During kitten season, Hawaiian Humane Society wants to make sure you know what to do when you see kittens. Follow these steps to ensure they are healthy and safe:

  • Resist the urge to intervene, unless they’re in imminent danger. They are probably not abandoned or orphaned.
  • Monitor the area.
  • Put fresh water and food nearby for the mother, but away from kittens so other hungry cats aren’t attracted to it.
  • Remove kittens if they look distressed or meow loudly, especially if the mother hasn’t returned in over eight hours.

And don’t forget about the mother — be sure that if she remains in the area she is fixed to prevent another pregnancy.

Traps are available for loan at the Hawaiian Humane Society Admissions Counter. Click here for more tips and resources on what to do if you find kittens.

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