Hunter makes progress trapping wild pigs in Mililani Mauka

Eighteen wild pigs and counting. That’s how many have been caught in a Mililani Mauka neighborhood, and more will likely be trapped.

KHON2 first reported the problem after residents contacted us a little over a week ago. They say the animals have been going into people’s yards and destroying property. They also feared that the pigs might attack.

An expert from the Pig Hunters Association of Oahu says it is one of the worst problems he has seen, and residents are relieved that something’s being done about it.

Using corn, oats and barley with molasses as bait, pig hunter Mitchell Tynanes says it didn’t take much to lure the feral pigs into the pen trap he set up just to the edge of the gully.

Tynanes says he only triggers the traps on the weekends and he’s had pretty good success. He caught eight of them this past weekend and 10 more the previous weekend.

He says he’s not that surprised to catch so many because clearly, some of the residents have been feeding the pigs. He says the pigs have ranged in size from 15 to 80 pounds, but he’s still hoping to trap two larger ones.

“The residents said there’s a big boar and a big sow still out there so I’m waiting to see if I can catch those then we’ll see from there,” Tynanes said.

Residents say it got to the point that the wild pigs were showing up nearly everyday, most of the time looking to feed on something in people’s yards. Residents also said the pigs even chased some of the kids that were playing nearby.

“That’s good. Get rid of (the pigs), because the kids, I’m afraid the kids might get hurt from them,” said resident Cornel Orillo.

“Does it surprise you that he caught that many?” KHON2 asked.

“Yeah. I didn’t know it was that much,” Orillo said.

Tynanes says he plans to set the trap again this weekend and if only a few are caught compared to the last two weekends, then he might not have to set any more and the pigs will likely stop coming back. But he will keep monitoring it for about a month just to make sure.

The Mililani Town Association says residents from Woodcrest, a gated community in Mililani Mauka, also want help after seeing our story, so the Pig Hunters Association of Oahu will be looking into it.

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