The 28th Annual AYSO Rainbow Soccer Tournament

Last week we talked about Meadow Gold’s steadfast commitment to supporting the communities of Hawaii, one of which is AYSO here in the islands.

Today, AYSO’s assistant section director, Brendan Cravalho, joins us in studio.  He’ll tell us about  the 28th annual AYSO Rainbow Soccer Tournament happening at the Waipio Peninsula Soccer Park over the July 4th weekend.

According to Cravalho, AYSO takes great pride in providing “More Soccer For More Kids” and tournaments are a great way to do this because it provides the players with a number of competitive soccer matches in a few short number of days.  The AYSO Rainbow Soccer Tournament was created as a cultural exchange program, actually a sister tournament to the Sun and Surf Tournament held in Huntington Beach giving Hawai’i teams the chance to play against stronger Mainland teams.  The Rainbow is a competitive invitational Tournament that provides local teams with an opportunity to share a little of their culture through pot lucks and team activities that showcase the best that Hawaii has to offer.

Nearly 100 teams are participating this year, with players ranging from ages 8 through 19 years old.

AYSO community programs are currently registering children for the 2015 Fall Season which begins August 1. Check out AYSO Hawaii’s website at, for the community nearest you and their contact information.

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