Ticket holders, vendors upset about Kahuku festival’s cancellation

The show went on, but the complaints continued.

Organizers of the Paradise Music Festival promised to refund the $50 tickets, but several people contacted KHON2 through our website’s “Report It” feature to tell us they were denied, since the concert was not cancelled.

“I’m really upset about it, because it’s $50, and I’m a college kid, so that money is really important to me,” said ticket holder Kyra Armstrong.

Shaka Entertainment told KHON2 that it is aware of the refund issues, and said that it is working on a solution.

On Saturday, KHON2 told you about thousands of ticket holders who were clearly upset when festival promoters pulled the original location in Kahuku less than 24 hours before the start of the event.

The promoters cited “serious issues” and were forced to move music acts to separate club venues on Saturday.

Ticket holders were not happy with the event’s new “bar-crawl” since many of the replacement venues were 21-and-over only, and the original concert was billed for 18-and-up.

On the day of the event, vendors hired through Shaka Entertainment said an “unforeseen” permit issue prevented the concert from happening at its original venue in Kahuku.

Shaka Entertainment said they were left in the dark just as much as the ticket holders.

But one landowner associated with the immediate area surrounding the original venue location sent KHON2 an email, saying the company knew the concert was a no-go.

“Well, they had so much money invested in this event that they couldn’t,” said Kahuku landowner Duke Pontin. “Do I think they tried to scam people? No. Do I think they really wanted to put on this event? Yes. Did they know they couldn’t put on the event weeks ahead? Yes.”

KHON2 was also contacted by Austin “AceMaverick” Dimaya, a subcontractor hired through Shaka Entertainment. He said that he felt something was wrong before the day of the event.

“We were thrown under the bus, did not know what was going on,” Dimaya said. “I kept contacting him, ‘oh, everything is fine.’ Days and days and days, and the day before, ‘oh, we have to do it somewhere else.’ It was frustrating. People wanted a festival.”

Dimaya said KHON2 should reach out to Ian Mullins with Shaka Entertainment for answers. After repeated attempts, KHON2 finally got a hold of him.

“We really are sorry,” said Mullins. “This was not our goal at all. Our goal really was to put on the coolest concert that could be put here in Hawaii. It’s not our goal to scam anybody or take anyone’s money.”

Mullins said while he knew they did not have all of the permits needed, Shaka Entertainment did not cancel the festival because it was told the most that could happen was a fine.

“We had already paid for the artists in full,” said Mullins. “We invested in pretty much everything.”

Mullins said the landowner of the original festival venue withheld information. “From the very start, I would not have even messed with the property owner knowing he set us up for failure.”

He added that Shaka Entertainment will work on issuing refunds for ticket holders and will inform KHON2 once they know how to do so.

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