Kauai man sentenced for violent robbery

Kawika Manaku

Kawika I. Manaku, 29, of Anahola, was sentenced on Wednesday to 25 years in prison for the violent robbery of the Kapa‘a Liquor and Wine Company that occurred on February 2, and a probation revocation from another case involving a burglary.

Manaku was sentenced to a 20-year prison term for the liquor store robbery, which he committed while on probation in another felony burglary case. In that case, Manaku was resentenced to a five-year prison term, to be served consecutively to the 20-year sentence for the robbery, which carries a mandatory minimum of six years and eight months.

Effectively, Manaku will not be eligible to apply for parole until serving 11 years and eight months in prison.

The robbery of the liquor store was captured on surveillance video which showed Manaku, armed with a weapon of some type, repeatedly striking the elderly male victim, who required stitches and staples for his wounds and also suffered a dislocated finger.

When arrested, Manaku was also found in possession of crystal methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Prosecuting Attorney Justin F. Kollar stated, “This defendant’s history of criminality, and the savage brutality of this robbery, indicate that a lengthy prison sentence is the only remedy left to protect the community from this defendant. To viciously attack a kupuna who is going about the running of his store, displays a depravity that our community cannot accept.”

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