‘World’s fastest sailing boat’ en route to Hawaii

Photo courtesy Hydroptere.com

French skipper Alain Thébault and his co-skipper Jacques Vincent, with their crew of four Americans, are nearing the halfway point in their attempt to beat the transpacific speed record from Los Angeles to Honolulu aboard their 60-foot hydrofoil trimaran, Hydroptère.

Setting sail Monday at 11:27 a.m HST from Point Fermin, Hydroptère is aiming to break the outright record of 4 days, 19 hours, 31 minutes and 37 seconds set by France’s Olivier de Kersauson and crew on the 110-foot trimaran Geronimo in 2005.

A trimaran is a multihull boat, typically with sails, consisting of a main hull with two smaller outrigger hulls. Hydroptère has foils under its floats, the outrigger hulls, that lifts it 5 meters above the water. This allows for decreased drag, which more than doubles the speed, making it the fastest sailing boat in the world.

The 2,215 nautical mile trek began with difficult weather conditions on the first day. Along the journey, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch’s southern edge will ensure downwind conditions and the Molokai
Channel’s rough waters will greet the boat’s arrival.

Hydroptère and crew will arrive at Hawaii Yacht Club’s Aloha Dock.

Visit Hydroptere.com for more information about the boat and its crew. Live tracker available here.

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