Former HPD reserve officer pleads guilty in game room incident

Joseph Becera

A former reserve officer with the Honolulu Police Department pleaded guilty in federal court Monday.

Joseph Andrew Becera admitted to seeing Honolulu police officer Vincent Morre attack two people in a game room last year, but didn’t report it. He left the force after the incident.

The 77-year-old pleaded guilty to having knowledge of a crime and failing to notify authorities, and concealing a crime by filing a false report. Both are federal felony charges.

“As a 37-year volunteer for the police department, he understands what right and wrong is. He was volunteering for so long because he does care about justice and he thought about it and he really understands that he made a mistake and he didn’t do the right thing, and so that’s why he wants to come clean,” said Andrew Park, Becera’s attorney.

In court Monday, Becera apologized before the judge.

As for why he did it, Park said, “We’re going to get that story across in our sentencing papers, but they did work together for a long time and Officer Morre did once save Mr. Becera’s life, so that had a little bit to do with it. Like I said, he’s trying to move past this. He’s doing what he needs to do now.”

Becera waived all rights to appeal.

He is scheduled to be sentenced in October.

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