HART adjusts rail work schedule after Waipahu residents complain

Farrington Highway

The rail construction is hitting some Waipahu residents and affecting their sleep.

One Waipahu resident sent us video via Report It, which was taken at midnight, so we could hear for ourselves just how loud the latest phase of construction is.

It’s eerily similar to the situation residents in Aiea told us about last year, when they were faced with sleepless nights.

Rochell Cruz and her family have had some sleepless nights in their apartment in Waipahu. “Horrendous. It’s been loud, obnoxious,” she said.

Cruz is one of the viewers who contacted KHON2 to complain about the rail work outside her balcony and bedroom window on Farrington Highway.

Cruz says it goes on all day and night, and it’s not just the noise that bothers her.

“The exhaust. That’s one of the worst ones right there because the machines that they have, the wind dies down at night, that exhaust comes straight into the house,” she said. “You might as well put your face in back of a bus.”

Waipahu residents KHON2 talked to say the rail work is so close to their homes, it not only affects their sleep, but also how they live during the day.

“I have to close the window tight so it can help minimize the smell and the noise,” said Waipahu resident Samuel Sunio.

Sunio’s building doesn’t have air conditioning, so closing the windows means putting up with more heat.

“We cannot do anything. Just leave it there, close your ears, cannot do anything,” he said.

When we talked to HART last Friday and asked about the column and guideway work entering Waipahu, spokesman Scott Ishikawa said, “Fortunately with the column construction, it’s not going to be as noisy as the previous work we did.”

But Waipahu residents say the night work is just unbearable and some of them called the HART hotline to complain.

Ishikawa said Monday that, because of those complaints, HART is changing the work schedule. Crews will no longer do work after 7 p.m. in the area.

“Seven days a week, during the day, we can put up with that. It’s daytime, who cares?” Cruz said.

If you have any concerns or complaints about rail work, you can call the HART hotline at 566-2299 or the state at 586-4700.

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