Organic milk vs. non-organic milk

There are a lot of rumors circulating about milk. Everyone has an opinion, especially when it comes to drinking organic milk versus non-organic milk.

In today’s Meadow Gold Monday, we welcome in Food Scientist, Jen Shido. She’s here to discuss the difference between these two dairy beverages.


According to Shido, there is no difference in terms of quality, nutrition and safety.  She says, “ In the US, including Hawaii, milk is one of the most regulated foods in the nation to ensure that both organic and non-organic milk are wholesome, safe and nutritious. It is sampled and tested throughout all aspects in the process to meet stringent safety standards. Consumers can trust that organic or non-organic milk is an important nutrient-rich food needed for optimal health, and it has a long-standing positive safety track record.”


Shido adds, “ Nutritionally, there is no difference between the two.  Cup for cup, they both contain the same nutrients that make drinking milk a part of a healthy diet.” She says, “They are both excellent options and it comes down to a personal preference.”

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