Wednesday’s Need to Know

The Nature Conservancy on Hawaii Island is asking for help finding a thief. Someone broke into storage units on Monday and stole $25,000 worth of equipment, including several vehicles. If you know anything call Ka’u police.

If you live or work in the Schofield Barracks area you may hear some booms Wednesday and Thursday. There will be gunnery training from 3 to 5 in the afternoon.

Good news for drivers. Only the southbound side of the Fort Weaver / Kunia overpass will be closed Wednesday for roadwork. Crews are taking Thursday and Friday off for Independence day. Work resumes on both sides of the overpass Sunday night.

Kauai lawmakers want to hear what residents think about a proposed bill that would make people who are rescued pay for those expenses. A public hearing is set for 1:30 Wednesday afternoon in the council chambers.

Oahu’s plastic bag is now in effect. All plastic bags at grocery and retail stores will no longer be allowed. Everything else is OK, including compostable plastic bags, bags used for produce and meat, and bags handed out at restaurants, lunch wagons, bakeries, and dry cleaning bags.

Starting Wednesday, there will be no smoking at any state parks or beaches in Hawaii. That includes all tobacco products, even electronic cigarettes.

On Hawaii Island, the road to Mauna Kea and the Visitor Center remain closed as crews continue to work on making the road safe for travel. Protesters will hold a news conference Wednesday to talk about their recent efforts, and respond to Governor Ige’s comments about the telescope project.

Kauai residents will be getting new trash cans beginning Wednesday. The solid waste division will be delivering 64-gallon carts this week to people who asked to exchange their 96-gallon carts for the smaller ones. Make sure to empty out, wash, and rinse your old carts, and put them upside down.

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