Engagement ring lost in East Oahu returned to London woman

Photo: Annie Brooks

**Editor’s note: This story has been updated since its original posting and airing.**

A woman in London has her engagement ring back, three weeks after she lost it in East Oahu.

Annie Brooks says the ring was found last week in the sand at Makapuu Beach by a good Samaritan using a metal detector. It arrived in London by courier on Friday, July 24.

“The ring sure has been on an amazing adventure for what we’ll never really know, however I’m overjoyed and beyond grateful that our ring has been safely returned to us,” she wrote. “I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us along the way.”

Brooks spent much of her Oahu vacation posting fliers after losing her ring on Thursday, July 2. Her fiancé had proposed the week before.

She says she went swimming at Makapuu Beach and gave her ring to her mom to hold while she went in the water. Her mom fell asleep on the beach with the ring on her pinky finger and when she woke up, the ring was gone.

“I cannot leave. I will not go back to work,” Brooks previously told KHON2. “I cannot live without this ring. This means everything to me. I can’t get married without it. It’s irreplaceable.”

Brooks said at the time that she believed her ring was stolen.

“My whole family is devastated,” she previously said. “(My mother) spoke to a few local kids and when she woke up again, they were gone and her ring had been taken off the finger, and they also tried to take her bag.”

Brooks had offered a $1,000 reward for the ring’s safe return. But, she said, “our ring finder has done all of this for love not fame so does not want any reward and wishes to not be named.”

Instead, Brooks said she will donate the money to local charities supported by the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation.

Brooks had also filed a case with police. That case has now been closed.

Experts advise everyone to keep their valuables at home if possible and always keep a close eye on belongings.

“Exercise a little bit of caution and keep your bag close to you or wrapped around you,” said Jessica Lani Rich, president and CEO of Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii. “Leave the majority of your valuables at home or in your hotel safe, but certainly keep an eye on them.”

The following are tips from the Hawaii Tourism Authority:

  • Keep valuables at home or, if you are visiting, in a hotel safe.
  • When out for the day, keep essentials with you; don’t lock valuables in the car.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings while on the beach.
  • If you must leave items in your trunk, place them there prior to arriving at your destination.
  • Don’t store everything in one place (e.g. your wallet). Divide money and credit cards.

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