Most complying with statewide smoking ban ahead of July 4th holiday

This year is the first Fourth of July in Hawaii with a statewide smoking ban.

A new law banning smoking and vaping at all Hawaii state parks went into effect. The ban includes all picnic and camping areas, trails and beaches.

With the busy holiday weekend ahead, we wanted to know if beachgoers knew about the change and if they were following the new rules.

The no-smoking ban has already been in affect at Ala Moana Beach Park, a city beach park, for over a year now, but that hasn’t stopped people from lighting up.

We spotted one person smoking Friday, even though there were warning signs plastered throughout the area.

“It makes me feel sad because they can get lung cancer. Everyone breathes the smoke. They should breathe, like, fresh air,” said Waipio resident Isabella Acosta.

“My kids come around and see cigarette butts and pick it up. It’s dirty,” said Kapolei resident Jason Baget.

While some agree with the new law, others would prefer designated smoking areas.

“I just smoke in my car, because they never say don’t smoke in the car. They say you can’t smoke in the park,” said Palolo resident Genaro Gualdara.

Over at Sand Island State Park, it’s a different story. There are no signs saying smoking is not allowed and the ground is littered with old cigarette butts.

“Lot of rubbish, no more really grass. This is a big area too. I think it should be nicer, plenty families come here,” said Kalihi Valley resident Jamie Miller.

Miller was surprised, and happy, to learn about the statewide smoking ban.

“Is that all the parks? Oh, really? Oh, I think that’s good. That’s great,” she said.

Miller said she hadn’t seen anyone smoking, but would like to see all the cigarette butts off the ground.

State Department of Land and Natural Resources officers can give out citations if you’re caught lighting up.

Penalties are $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second and up to $500 for multiple violations.

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