Sea Life Park and the Mauna Lani Bay Resort celebrate Turtle Independence Day

Since 1989, Sea Life Park has been providing the Mauna Lani Bay Resort with young honu, or Hawaii Green Sea Turtles. Sea Life Park has continued efforts to save these endangered turtles through conservation and education.

Mauna Lani Resort partners with Sea Life Park every July 4th to release turtles. On Saturday, July 4 at 10:30 a.m., crowds will gather at the beach fronting the hotel, where the honu will be released. The turtles are moved from their ponds, and brought to the beach, where there will be a ceremony commemorating the release.

The turtles are blessed before they are taken down to the ocean to be released. In addition to the ceremony, there will be entertainment, educational displays, and music. About half a dozen are released each year. Those that are released from the beach will probably spend their whole lives in that area. It is all part of Sea Life Park’s commitment toward education, as it is vital to the survival of these precious animals. There are so many threats facing our Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, from predation to ocean debris. Sea Life Park wants to raise awareness of about these beautiful creatures and how fragile their lives can be. Hopefully these education efforts will instill a greater appreciation and respect for them.

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