Firefighters continue to battle scrap metal fire at recycling center

Honolulu firefighters continue to try to extinguish a fire at Island Recycling in Campbell Industrial Park that was first called in at 5 a.m. Saturday.

Firefighters found a large pile of rubbish burning, consisting of recycled scrap metal.

A total of six companies and 22 personnel have been dealing with the fire, and crews will be there for several hours as the fire is not under control, but is contained to the large pile of trash and is not spreading.

Fire Dept. spokesman Capt. David Jenkins said that the burning pile of recycled scrap metal is “a rather large pile. It was 100 feet wide, 400 feet deep, and about 40 feet in height.

“This seems to be a long running operation because the fire is deep-seated in this very heavy, very hard to get to, fire. Heavy equipment is going to be needed to break apart this fire of scrap metal to put it completely out,” he said. “We cannot predict how long it will be. All we can say is it is a long-term operation until we get that heavy equipment. We can’t really give a good prediction on how long it will take.

“They are going to be pulling apart the pile slowly and carefully as we put the fire out.”

No injuries have been reported and no cause has been given for the fire.

kapolei fire greg-1

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