Hawaii’s Most Wanted: Blaire Viella

EDITOR’S NOTE: Blaire Viella has been arrested and this post has been updated.

Honolulu police have rearrested a suspected robber, Blaire Viella, who was initially caught with the help of a bus driver.

“May 25, 2013, the victim got off the bus and went to use the restroom at Palolo Valley District Park. while in the restroom, he observed a group of males. As he left, attempted to leave, the males blocked the restroom and demanded what was in his pocket. The victim fought off a couple males but was saved by a witness who got off the bus when he noticed the confrontation. the males all fled into the district park,” said Crimestoppers Coordinator Sgt. Kim Buffett.

Police identified one of the men as Viella, thanks to the help of a bus driver and surveillance video from the bus. He was arrested for robbery.

Viella was previously wanted on a $20,000 warrant for not following the terms of HOPE probation.

“He has no prior convictions but is known to frequent the Honolulu area,” said Buffett.

He was arrested on Nov. 5, at approximately 12:15 a.m., at Waiakamilo Road and Colburn Street.

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