Residents brave the muggy conditions to attend outdoor events on Oahu

Ela is long gone, but its remnants are still being felt here in the islands as muggy conditions blanketed the state.

Many of those who spent their Saturday outside were met with hot and humid conditions as well as winds that weren’t as strong as usual.

At Magic Island people were using paper fans to cool off during the 14th Annual Korean Festival.

“It’s terrible, it’s like no breeze, and I’m constantly sweating and I’m sticky,” said Honolulu resident Del Tanabe who grabbed a cold lemonade before entering the festival.

On the windward side, people braved the heat to enjoy some horseback riding and outdoor fun at the Hawaii State Farm Fair at Kualoa Ranch.

“We are sweating quite a bit, it’s humid, however the breeze is wonderful,” said attendee Amy Sanders.

Kids cooled off by joining the watermelon eating contest, while others had some shave ice.

There were some light showers at the farm fair, but they didn’t last long.

The National Weather Service said we can expect more showers Saturday night and Sunday.

“We will be getting more wind and more dryer conditions to start the new week,” said Meteorologist John Bravender.

KHON2 also checked with Honolulu Emergency Services and they said Ocean Safety did not have any heat-related calls.

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