Pet dog swallows Miami woman’s engagement ring

(WSVN/CNN) — A Miami woman rushed her French bulldog to an animal hospital after realizing he had eaten her engagement ring.

Jessica Farah never expected her diamond ring would one day become Tux’s tasty treat.

She said she was relaxing on the couch at home when she suddenly realized her engagement ring was missing.

“I hear Tux chewing something metal,” Farah said. “At this point, I thought my ring was on my finger. It’s a little loose. I didn’t realize it had fallen off. I thought to myself he’s probably eating his brother’s collar. He’s always doing that. And little later, I look at my hand, and I think, Oh no.

After looking through the house, “it dawned on me, well, I guess it wasn’t the brother’s collar. It was my ring.”

Farah took Tux to the animal clinic the next morning only to find out her suspicion was confirmed — her diamond ring was deep in Tux’s belly.

“What was important was that it didn’t move on,” said veterinarian Robert Ferran, “because if it had moved on to the intestine, it certainly a harder thing to try and fetch it.”

Vets had the option of waiting and hoping it would pass or going in and pulling it out. But with the help of doctors, they used an endoscope to remove the ring through the dog’s mouth and return it to his owner.

“I’m never taking it off — showering, gym, everything. It’s never coming off,” Farah said.

She actually met her fiancé last year when Tux went missing and he helped her search for the dog.

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