Trimaran Lending Club 2 claims Los Angeles to Honolulu sailing record

Still courtesy of Phil Uhl

A triple-hulled sailboat traveling from Los Angeles to Honolulu has broke a world record.

The trimaran Lending Club 2 arrived in Honolulu from Los Angeles at 6:44 a.m. Sunday. It was a crossing done in three days and 18 hours, shattering the old record by more than a day.

Lending Club 2 was to race in the Transpac starting Saturday, but the best weather to break the LA to Honolulu record was three days before that, so the skippers dropped out of the Transpac and went for it, on Wednesday.

“We sailed basically on the direct route for the first two and half days and the last day we sailed downwind directly to Hawaii,” said Lending Club 2 co-skipper Ryan Breymaier. “So it was incredible perfect weather, perfect conditions, nice beautiful sunshine and flat sea. And basically a glamour run all the way here.”

The Lending Club 2, which made two other world records this year, has been docked at Kewalo Basin, and in November, a new crew hopes to break a “round the world” record with the boat.

The skipper says Lending Club 2 will be back in the Transpac in the future.

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