14 rescued after boat overturns on Oahu’s North Shore

Fourteen boaters are safe after their vessel capsized off the North Shore Monday night.

Their boat capsized at around 7:30 p.m. about a half-mile off Waimea Bay.

Honolulu fire officials say 14 people including a child, and a dog, were on board a 25-foot Boston Whaler.

Two of the adults swam to shore and firefighters brought the rest to Haleiwa Boat Harbor in their rescue boat.

Officials say everyone is safe and accounted for.

Some of the boaters spoke to us after the rescue.

“Basically all the day the fuel pump was working to keep the boat afloat. It pumped out, just came straight up. When we ran out of fuel, one guy was going to go out grab the ski, grab fuel. When the boat sank, another girl swam in. The dog was fine. A little girl was a trooper. She was the best out of all of us,” said Tyron Swan.

“It just happened really fast. It’s because the water’s warm over here,” said Brinkley Davis. “So yeah, if worse comes to worst, we could have swam in.”

Surf wasn’t big on the North Shore Monday at flat to two feet.

The people we spoke with said they went out on the water at around 1 p.m. Monday, and the boat belongs to their friend.

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