FBI warns against work-from-home schemes that involve wire transfers

If you are thinking about applying for a job that allows you to work from home, you may want to think twice.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation says it’s constantly investigating work-from-home schemes.

“The work-from-home job involves receiving financial wire transfers, either into their bank accounts themselves or by going into Western Union or Money Gram locations to receive wire transfers,” said FBI special agent Tom Simon.

Simon says the amount transferred is usually a few thousand dollars. Then the work-from-home staffer is asked to send the money along.

“Rewire transfer the money from their accounts or through Money Gram or Western Union to individuals in Europe, Jamaica, or Nigeria,” Simon said.

For the payment, the person usually gets $100 of that money.

“They believe they are working for some giant corporation moving money around for them,” Simon said, but in reality, it perpetuates another scheme.

“(The employee) is actually receiving money from other people in the U.S. who’ve been victimized by advance fee lottery schemes or Craigslist advance payment schemes,” Simon said.

Simon says most participants don’t realize this is a scheme, but there is a legal penalty if someone commits fraud intentionally.

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