Crews finish clearing 2nd Avenue home, 21.5 tons of trash hauled away

2nd Avenue

After six days of work, a city-contracted crew Tuesday finished clearing out a 2nd Avenue home in Kaimuki that had been filled with trash for years.

Pacific Junk Removal said it hauled away 21.5 tons, or 18 truckloads worth, of waste and debris to the city’s H-Power facility and the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill.

That’s about the amount of trash crews normally take away over the course of a month’s worth of jobs, the company said.

Work was supposed to wrap last week, but Pacific Junk Removal extended the time frame after encountering worse conditions than anticipated.

“Coming back every day, it was just, it was a daunting task,” said manager Ray Peralta.

Click here to view exclusive video inside the home.
Click here to view exclusive video inside the home.

“Even though we see this every day, we’re normally at a job and we go to a different job everyday. When we have to come back for six days, it’s demoralizing, so I’ve got to keep them motivated. They’ve got good attitudes and that’s what keeps them coming back to work for me and doing stuff like this.”

To prevent illegal entry into the home, workers boarded up broken windows and secured the doors.

Neighbors are overjoyed with the transformation. “They’re just walking by saying thank you,” Peralta said. “It’s a big difference. If you look at up and down the street, just the difference, so yeah, they’re very thankful.”

The Department of Planning and Permitting will meet this week with city attorneys to discuss the next steps to recover the cost of the cleanup.

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