City installs new shower on Ala Moana beach, away from ocean

Ala Moana Regional Park

Good news for beachgoers who were upset when the city shut down one of its showers along Ala Moana beach.

The city has installed a new one.

This one is about 100 yards away from the old one, and officials say it’s farther away from the ocean so runoff won’t make it into the water.

The concern was that many beachgoers were using shampoo and soap at the old shower, and that was flowing directly into the ocean, harming marine life.

“You don’t want to have the shower, the runoff, go into the ocean, especially when there’s soap or shampoo. It would cause harm to the fish and the marine life,” said Michele Nekota, director, Department of Parks and Recreation.

Nekota says many beachgoers were excited to hear the news Friday. “They were just happy to have a shower there,” she said.

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