Hokulea successfully docks in Bali, crew members welcomed with elaborate cultural exchange

Courtesy Oiwi TV

Hawaii’s voyaging canoe Hokulea and her crew are in Bali, Indonesia, Saturday night where they received a gorgeous welcome and a warm start to a sharing of cultures, ideas and efforts in Malama Honua, caring for this island Earth, the name and theme of Hokulea’s first ever voyage around the world.

It’s a celebration for many of Hokulea’s firsts. The canoe now sits in waters she’s never touched before, the Indian Ocean, on the shore of Bali, a destination the crew has never sailed to before.

As boats prepared to ferry her 13 crewmembers Friday, awaiting on land, students, members of Bali’s government hosted an arrival ceremony.

From Hawaii, several members of the Hawaii-Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, including Maj. Gen. Darryl Wong and Hawaii State Rep. Gene Ward.

“Hawaii and Bali are together, its one family, it’s one ocean and Hokulea is the one that’s threading us all together throughout the continents,” Rep. Ward said.

“In our research we found out how strong you are with your culture, how beautiful your people are, how beautiful your islands are,” said Hokulea captain Nainoa Thompson. “But we found something else, it’s about family.”

“I just hope that many Indonesians will actually learn from Hokulea, from the Hawaiian people to actually go back to the roots to actually understand that what we have is also good,” said Hokulea crew member Anis Hamidati.

Hamidati was a crew member on this leg from Australia. She plans to help the crew on its exploration of Bali’s history, cultural education and its caring for Earth.

“I just hope that the crew would actually be able to see that we’re same like you, we’re people who are aiming to do better, we’re aiming to actually do good to the earth, we’re just like everyone. you’re just like us, we’re just like you, we are all one family,” Hamidati said.

A new crew will be arriving in Bali next week. They will leave for Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, in about a week and a half.

Courtesy Oiwi TV
Courtesy Oiwi TV

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