Love Your Pet: Snuffles in rabbits

When your pet rabbit has a case of the sniffles, it’s called snuffles, and it is a potentially devastating disease. In Today’s Love Your Pet, Dr. John Kaya, DVM, explains what that is and how to treat it.


“This disease is very contagious and can also affect the eyes, ears, and other organs. When detected early, it can be treated, but it if unchecked, become chronic or fatal,” explains Dr. Kaya.


Snuffles is a general term describing a group of upper respiratory signs. Watery nasal discharge, sneezing, and a thick, whitish to yellowish nasal discharge are common signs, which cause infected rabbits to make a loud snuffling sound. The disease can cause conjunctivitis or ear infections.


Prevention is the best method, so keep your rabbit’s living quarters well-ventilated and clean, do not use cedar shavings for bedding, and keep their teeth healthy.

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