Video: Oregon creates Hawai’i themed Mariota Heisman display

Heisman Display / Oregon Athletics

It’s no surprise that the University of Oregon went outside of the box with the display of Marcus Mariota’s Heisman Trophy, they even went outside of the glass case.

The trophy’s display, unveiled today at the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex in Eugene. is one of few Heisman awards to rest in open air. It sits upon a foundation of what led Mariota to uncharted waters in both his home state of Hawai’i, as well as Oregon.

The inaugural Hawai’i high school graduate and Duck to win the award has benchmarks of his upbringing in Hawai’i recognized by pillars of his family, his Kalani Falcons Pop Warner team, and the Saint Louis Crusaders.

In fact, there are eight pillars to the base of the trophy, and eight marble benches in the form of the state of Hawai’i surrounding the display. The number is in honor of the eight Hawaiian islands. Mariota wore number eight at Oregon and is continuing the legacy with the Tennessee Titans.

This afternoon, the University released a video of the display that is sure to give chicken skin to fans.

The 25 pound bronze statue is even available to been seen on game days when the facility is closed, due to the room being enclosed by glass.

Editor’s note: The Heisman Trophy Committee has awarded two trophies each year to the college football player and the school represented by the winner since 1968.

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