Residents say Symphony Honolulu’s windows reflect too much light

Symphony Honolulu

Residents voiced their concerns Wednesday over an upcoming development.

The Hawaii Community Development Authority held a public hearing over the windows being installed at Symphony Honolulu on 888 Kapiolani Boulevard.

The authority said the windows do not meet a requirement known as the “Glass Rule.”

§ 15-217-55 (k) (2) Window glazing shall be transparent with clear or limited UV tint so as to provide views out of and into the building. Visible light transmission level of windows on the ground floor shall be seventy per cent or greater and on all other floors the visible light transmission level shall be fifty per cent or greater;

Some residents showed up to testify before the board that the windows are reflecting too much light.

“My favorite time of the day is early mornings when we’re out on our lanai enjoying breakfast,” said Makiki resident Evelyn Calori. “This time of the year, the reflection off the windows is so blinding, we cannot look out toward the harbor to see the ocean view.”

“The concentration of light is considerable, because it’s entirely mirrored surface,” said Kakaako resident John Kobelansky. “If they would cut back on the reflectivity a bit it would help mitigate the problem with the glare.”

The developer, OliverMcMillan Pacific Rim LLC, says the Glass Rule does not apply to a window’s reflective qualities, which are not regulated.

It requested that the rule be suspended pending administrative review, research and analysis, or waived for the project.

HCDA is expected to make a decision on the windows sometime next week.

Photo: Evelyn Calori
Photo: Evelyn Calori

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