Family and friends celebrate the life of Ron Bright

Family and friends came together to remember the life and legacy of Ron Bright in a memorial service Friday.

Bright, who died in July, taught at Castle High School for more than 40 years, and later directed at Paliku Theatre at Windward Community College.

He is credited with inspiring countless students in their acting pursuits.

“The amount of people who showed up today just speaks volumes of the impact Mr. Bright had as a teacher, as an educator, as a director, as a mentor,” said longtime family friend and elementary school teacher Allan Lau. “He just touched so many people.

“He loved everybody so deeply and took a genuine interest in everybody and everything that went on in your life, whether it be your pet, your grandchild, your new job. He remembered those things and made you feel so special,” he said.

“If anyone had magic, Mr. Bright had it. People talk about the twinkle in his eyes, whether it was love or that little bit of rascal that he had, you knew that he was so human. He exemplified compassion, kindness … and really used the theater and that artform to teach you about life,” Lau said.

The service was held at the First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu in Kaneohe. Ron Bright was 81 years old.

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