Laniakea parking barriers staying put for two more weeks

It looks like the concrete barriers near Laniakea Beach on Oahu’s North Shore will be staying put a little longer.

The barriers were supposed to be taken away Friday, but a judge granted an extension to Monday, Aug. 24. That will give the Dept. of Transportation more time to work with other agencies on a plan to ease the sometimes congested traffic in the area.

The DOT has heard from many community members urging the State to leave the barriers in place as they have improved safety and alleviated traffic congestion. Others want the barriers replaced with additional parking.

The department will be looking at solutions that could satisfy both. One possible option would be removing two barriers on both ends to have one way access and parking behind the existing barriers. The infrastructure, however, is not designed to be a parking lot, and significant improvements may be necessary to make it safe and accessible for all.

The DOT continues to work on a study to realign the highway so it is further mauka than it is today. The project cost is estimated at $20 million-$45 million, depending on the preferred alternative. Agreement from public and private landowners would be required.

Additionally, the potential environmental impacts must be considered, and it would take approximately five years after the environmental assessment is concluded to complete the project.

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