Whale’s clever nudge to get trash removed in Australia

(7 News/CNN) — A young man’s close encounter with a whale in Australia is caught on video, and now it’s gone viral.

The gentle giant approached several fisherman for help in Sydney’s Middle Harbour.

The friendly southern right whale had a plastic bag and fishing line attached to its face and needed to have it removed.

One boater tried to remove it, then the whale came to young fisherman Ivan Iskenderian. It gave Iskenderian’s boat a nudge as if to ask him for help.

The whale bobbed just close enough to their boat for Iskenderian to tear the bag free.

“I couldn’t believe it like we were just laughing, we didn’t say anything. We just could not believe what was happening,” Iskenderian said.

“It’s very very curious, approaching boats, that behavior is called spy-hopping, waving, slapping, even spraying,” whale expert Shona Lorigan said.

The once in a lifetime moment was captured with a few selfies. No doubt it’s already famous on Facebook.

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