Firefighters have remains of Kaanapali brush fire under control

Photo courtesy Mike Mullaley/Maui Fire Dept.

As of 4 p.m. Sunday, the brush fire that started on Friday afternoon above the Kaanapali Resort area was deemed under control, with 100 percent containment and no active fire.

It has not yet been called extinguished, however, because there are still smoldering areas far enough within the “black” that is of low concern. It’s typical to let those areas cool and snuff themselves out. Also, by giving it time, problem areas will show themselves by emitting puffs of smoke.

Crews are making periodic fire patrols throughout the day and will call it extinguished after enough time passes without seeing any “smokies” in the fire area.

The final estimate is that 350 acres were scorched. Cause of the fire could not be determined, and no damages or injuries were reported.

Firefighters battling the brush fire earlier say they had a difficult time gaining the upper hand in controlling the fire’s spread. Overnight on Friday, flames jumped firebreaks cut along the mauka edge of the fire and gradually spread upslope into heavier vegetation, reaching to about the 1,500 foot elevation. Flames on the mauka edge of the fire could only be fought using helicopter water drops and bulldozers cutting new firebreaks.

Six fire trucks concentrated their efforts on the northern, southern and makai edges where vehicles were able to make access. Three helicopters and two County Public Works bulldozers worked to contain the mauka flank.

On Friday night, fire came as close as a quarter-mile from homes in the Kaanapali Estates area.

Courtesy Mike Mullaley
Photo courtesy Maui Fire Dept.
Photo courtesy Maui Fire Dept.

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