Hawaii’s Most Wanted: Sheala Papas

Editor’s note: Sheala Papas was featured on Hawaii’s Most Wanted on Aug. 15, 2015. She has since been arrested and this post has been updated.

Honolulu police have arrested a woman who has 116 prior convictions, and was wanted on a warrant.

“On February 1, 2013, at about 2:15 p.m., a female was observed by loss prevention at Macy’s Downtown carrying in two large bags,” said Crimestoppers Sgt. Kim Buffett.

“She appeared to be nervous and suspicious so a loss prevention agent continued to monitor her. She was observed entering the fragrance department and selected several sets and placed them into the black bags she was carrying. She then walked over to the fashion jewelry section and selected some jewelry, watches and earrings and placed the into the same bag.”

Police say Sheala Papas, also known as Stephanie Trumble, then walked out of the store without paying, and was arrested.

She was wanted on a $20,000 warrant in connection with that case.

“Papas has 116 prior convictions and is known to frequent the Waianae area,” Buffett said.

Papas was arrested on Aug. 26, at 2:25 p.m., at Beretania Street and Fort Street Mall.

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