Following Samuseva’s footsteps, undersized Fa’alologo up for challenge in the trenches

Penitito "Kiko" Fa'alologo

With over two weeks away from kickoff against Colorado, the University of Hawaii football team opened their final week of training camp Monday afternoon at Joseph Platt Cooke Field as the team prepares for three days of two-a-day practices.

Morning and afternoon sessions will run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as the Warriors get ready for a grueling 13-week schedule that will not have a single bye week.

One player expected to see little rest in 2015 is sophomore defensive tackle Penitito “Kiko” Fa’alologo. Number-54 is tabbed with the task of replacing three-year starter Moses Samia as the man in the middle, and is expected to do so at an undersized 5-foot-11 and 300 pounds.

Lance Samuseva played Defensive Tackle for UH (1999-2003)
Lance Samuseva played Defensive Tackle for UH (1999-2003)

Fa’alologo is coached by Lance Samuseva, who succeeded at UH at the same height and 10 pounds lighter.

The American Samoa native says he’s up for the challenge in the trenches. “Most guys that are D-line are 6-5, 6-3, but me, I’m under-height,” said Fa’alologo, “so seeing that coach Lance played here and is coaching me, it gives me confidence and motivates me to play and do my best every day.”

When Samuseva was asked if an undersized defensive tackle at UH expected to anchor a defensive line sounded familiar to him, he said “I think this guy is way better than the guy that you’re referring to. Kiko is a great kid, he has come a long way. He really made his mind up that he wanted to be a good football player.”

For an extended preview on the Defensive Line click here.

Kiko and his ‘Bows return to practice field on Tuesday morning at 11 a.m. and the team’s second practice will begin at 3:50 p.m.

Kickoff against the Colorado Buffaloes at Aloha Stadium is now just 16 days away.

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