State to suspend construction-related road closures for ‘Beat the School Jam’

As part of the annual “Beat the School Jam” campaign, the Hawaii Department of Transportation announced Monday plans to suspend construction-related road closures during daylight hours on major highways from Aug. 24-28.

The suspension will help alleviate traffic congestion during the week when more than 52,000 university, college and private school students begin their fall semesters.

The Beat the School Jam campaign reminds people to plan ahead, consider carpooling or public transportation, watch out for children walking or biking to school, and drive safely.

On average, officials say children are involved in 109 pedestrian and 48 bicycling accidents a year in Hawaii.

To help provide drivers with real-time traffic information, the HDOT also announced the launch of MyGoAkamai, a free service that provides alerts to users on freeway routes that are of interest to them.

“If something is going on, let’s say an accident or a stall or something pops up, some road event, they will get an alert right away alerting them before they leave home,” said Tim Sakahara, HDOT spokesman.

Expect to hear reminders on the radio to leave earlier and carpool when you can. Even people who ride the bus should be prepared for delays.

“We expect our bus ridership to increase by at least 25,000 riders per day,” said Roger Morton, president and general manager of Oahu Transit Services. “We have tried to make it easier for students to use TheBus. Most UH Manoa students are provided a free bus pass as part of their fees. ”

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beat the school jam

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