August is Pedestrian Safety Month, learn pedestrian rules of the road

August is Pedestrian Safety Month and we want you to arrive alive!

Experts say the number one reason for pedestrian accidents is inattentive behavior on both the part of the pedestrian and the driver.

So, today we’re telling you about pedestrian rules of the road with a first-hand look at what it’s like to be a driver and a pedestrian crossing the street.


Here are some things pedestrians can do to make sure they are safe while crossing the road:


  1. Pedestrians should never take it for granted that they are safe in a crosswalk.
  2. Many pedestrian crashes occur in the early morning hours or late at night so visibility is an issue; pedestrians should always wear bright or reflective clothing, even when they are just crossing the street to get a paper from the local store.
  3. Many pedestrians have a false sense of security when drivers give them the ok to cross.  Just because the driver says it’s ok to cross, it’s only ok to cross in front of the vehicle not every lane of the road.


When a vehicle stops at a crosswalk, they should stop in front of the white line at the crosswalk.  Not on it or past it.  Doing so limits the sight lines of traffic behind the vehicle.


Other things drivers should do when deciding to stop for a pedestrian:


  1. Drivers should be aware of their traffic surroundings when stopping for a pedestrian.
  2. Are the vehicles behind you slowing down?  Are they aware that you are stopping for a pedestrian?  Do you need to roll down your window and make it apparent to drivers in the next lane?


Drivers should also be aware that pedestrians can be hidden from view by stopped vehicles on multi-lane streets.  Whenever a driver sees another vehicle stopped at a crosswalk, always slow down, do not pass the vehicle.  Chances are there is a pedestrian on the other side of that vehicle that has a false sense of security that it is safe to cross the entire roadway.  You don’t want to be the person who was in a rush and say “but I didn’t see her.”



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