A new tattoo removal procedure at Vein and Skin Center of Hawaii

For many, tattoos are an expression and reflection of themselves.  However, as people grow and develop in life, a tattoo can be embarrassing or may actually be a barrier for job advancement.

If you have a tattoo that you wish you didn’t have, there’s a procedure called PicoSure Laser that can remove it.  In today’s ‘The New You,’  we meet a woman who got the procedure done.  We’ll also talk to Dr. Chung from Vein and Skin Center of Hawaii about the process.

The PicoSure® laser utilizes ultra-short pulse durations to take advantage of an intense photomechanical impact (PressureWave™), instead of heat, to shatter the pigment into tiny particles. This allows us to use less energy compared to Q-switch lasers, resulting in fewer treatments with significantly better removal of the pigments with less complications of scarring and hypopigmentation. Research results demonstrated greater than 80% overall tattoo clearance of pigment and the most difficult colors, green and blue ink, 94% clearance of pigment was achieved. The PicoSure® laser is able to remove pigment with improved recovery and less complications to surrounding skin because there is no heating of the skin.

Typical treatment is every 4-8 weeks and each session usually takes only a few minutes. There is minimal pain with the procedure and most treatments do not require anesthetics. However, if patients feel more comfortable with an anesthetic, a topical anesthetic may be applied to minimize discomfort.

WEB SITE:    www.inkoffhawaii.com

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