How much information is too much information for HPD’s new Smart911 system?

The Honolulu Police Department will soon launch a new service called Smart911.

It is aimed at helping first responders get to people faster in an emergency, but it requires you to provide some personal information, and some people have raised concerns about how much of that personal information should be used.

It’s an optional and free system that allows you to make safety profiles for first responders.

You have the option of putting in your medical information, home security codes, family photos, even information about your pets. You can also put in other info that might help, like which entrance in the home is best for first responders to use.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa uses the same type of system called Manoa Guardian.

“That data is really helpful with the Smart911 profile,” said Sarah Rice, with the University of Hawaii Manoa Department of Public Safety. “Particularly if they are calling emergency services because that information can be used to save their life potentially.”

But in a time when personal informational can be easily compromised, KHON2 wanted to know just how much information should really be put into the system. Especially since some of the info you can choose to put in involves home security codes.

“It falls upon the users to whether they want to use the service and if they do how much information do they want to share with the service,” said cyber security expert, Chris Duque. “Maybe you just want to share the name and address and telephone number.” Duque says he has seen countless cases where a company is hacked and personal information is leaked.

“No system is secure,” said Duque. “Systems are getting compromised daily several times if not thousands of times a day, homeowners are getting hacked up to government agencies.”

HPD says the data is stored and protected in a secure database and only accessible by the first responders during an emergency, but if you go to the Smart911 website and read the privacy policy it says “…cannot guarantee the security of user account or other personal information. Unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors, may compromise the security of user information at any time.”

“It’s a great system, but how much information should you use?” said Duque

Many cities across the country are already using Smart911.

HPD said they will make a formal announcement about the system in September.

For more information, click here.

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