The US Navy is wrapping up their annual humanitarian mission to the Pacific

The United States Navy’s annual humanitarian mission to the Pacific is wrapping up. This is the tenth iteration of Pacific Partnership, in which the US Navy visits nations in the western Pacific to provide medical, dental and engineering help; this year to Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Vietnam.


“We build relationships and friendships- repair schools, provide medical and dental care, veterinary services and improve people’s lives,” added Master Chief Musician/ Assistant Band Director Jay Loose, speaking of the U.S. Pacific Fleet Band’s role in the mission.


Senior Chief Musician Erik Desantis just returned from a mission and says, “Our band visits and performs, and participates in outreach with schools and community groups.”


Senior Chief Desantis reflects on the kind of impact the band has: “We promote peace and stability by working together. There is always a lot of joy and smiles when our band performs; music is a global language. We reinforce the goodwill our military/civilian team provides.”


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