Local businesses pitch in to provide relief for Saipan

Our neighbors in the Western Pacific are still recovering from a devastating Typhoon earlier this month, and on Saturday, local businesses pitched in to help.

A container truck from Goodwill picked up 60 mattresses donated by Trump International Hotel in Waikiki.

The beds are headed to Saipan, which was ravaged by the powerful Typhoon Soudelor on Aug. 2.

Hundreds of people lost their homes or are still without water and electricity.

“Certainly we understand how it feels to be vulnerable to mother nature, and we pray for our brothers and sisters in Saipan and if we can help in small way, to make them a little more comfortable during their time in need, then we’re very happy to do so,” said Scott Ingwers, regional vice president and managing director for Trump International Waikiki Beach Walk.

Castle Medical Center also donated medical equipment and supplies.

This whole effort was all organized by a former resident of the Northern Marianas and by Hawaii lawmakers as part of the Association of Pacific Island Legislatures.

A donation drive continues at Safeway Pali Sunday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. They’re asking for bottled water, tents, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, batteries and baby wipes.

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