City and state move homeless into shelters during the storms

In light of last night’s incident, and with the two major storms approaching, KHON2 wanted to know what the city and state are doing to help the homeless.

Officials say community policing teams and Honolulu police will go out and warn homeless living under bridges to get out.

“Tell people this is not a safe area. You need to come. The shelter here is going to open up from this time to this time,” said Sen. Jill Tokuda (D), who is on the Homeless Task Force.

Separately, KHON2 has learned officials are trying to get homeless into the shelters another way.

Crews begin to clear some of the homeless in Kaka’ako in two weeks with notices of the sweep being handed out on Monday.

The sweep will only target a small portion of the homeless camp about 20 to 25 people.

Once that area is cleared, officials will move on to the next section of Kaka’ako.


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