City officials prepare as Ignacio approaches islands

City officials met at the Department of Emergency management Saturday morning to discuss storm preparations.

With two hurricanes moving in our direction, KHON2 wanted to know what’s being done to prevent another sewage spill.

KHON2 asked the Deputy Director of the Department of Environmental Services Timothy Houghton, “Are you confident that it won’t happen again?”

“We are pretty darn confident,” Houghton responded. “We will not resume the construction work at Ala Moana 2, until we are clear of these two storms, and we have sufficient time for them to continue to do the work.”

He said pump stations have been checked, and treatment plants have been reviewed.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell says a decision on opening storm shelters will be made on Sunday.

If there is a need to close schools– that will be announced as early as Monday by the state, and we could see surf advisories on Tuesday along east facing shores.

KHON2 learned streams were cleared about five to seven days ago to remove debris from the last storm and the city has also been trimming and monitoring Albizia trees on city property.

As far as storm preparations for the homeless Mayor Caldwell said enforcement in Kakaako could be postponed if Hurricane Jimena impacts Oahu.

“We are not going to be doing any enforcement during the storm. there is no way, we will just pull back,” Mayor Caldwell said.

The city will however. make sure that no one is living under bridges in the event of another flash flood. It will have buses ready to help homeless people move to shelters, and they can also bring their pets on the bus.

Another briefing by City and County officials will be held Sunday morning.

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