Get your outfits ready, HawaiiCon is coming soon!

Explore another world without ever leaving earth! HawaiiCon is coming up and for fans of comics and sci-fi, this is an exciting event.

Sam Campos, a local artist and comic book writer, created the mascot used this year for HawaiiCon. It’s the fictional comic book superhero Pineapple Man.

“Pineapple Man’s secret identity is Isamu Pohoa, a young Hawaiian man who turned to a life of crime after graduating from high school. During a violent encounter, he’s shot and left for dead atop an ancient heiau dedicated to Kukailimoku, the Hawaiian god of war. Instead of dying however, Isamu changed into the form of Kukailimoku, with both superhuman strength and agility. He decides to use his powers for good, and becomes Pineapple Man,” says Campos.

HawaiiCon is coming up September 10 – 13 at Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. More at

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