Getting results: UH looks into leaks at on-campus apartment

Problems persist at the University of Hawaii dormitories and some students tell us their repeated efforts to have someone even look at the problems have gone unanswered.

Last week, KHON2 started questioning the university about the lack of hot water and leaks that some students were complaining about.

One student showed us the constant dripping in her bathroom.

University student Kathleen Gragasin, who lives in Hale Wainani I, has to empty out a bowl in her bathroom at least once a day. That’s because the bowl is filled with water leaking from above.

“The water drips down your back (while you’re using the restroom) and you’re trying not to get hit by the water,” she said.

KHON2 talked to her about the problem nearly a week ago. Now, she says, it’s worse and leaking in three different spots.

“I’ve slipped several times but luckily I didn’t fall,” Gragasin said.

Gragasin and her roommates have filled out the school’s online service request form. They’ve done it a handful of times, and they’re still waiting for a response.

“I don’t even want to use our own bathroom. I try to avoid it, but it’s gross,” Gragasin said.

Last week, UH officials said they were fixing problems, including leaks. On Tuesday, we called UH again to find out why workers have not checked the problem in this apartment after repeated requests.

Within 10 minutes, a worker arrived to look at the leak. UH spokesman Dan Meisenzahl told KHON2 other students have reported the same problem. They’ve been kept in the loop, but not Gragasin or her roommates.

“So they have been on site, they have been communicating with students and we apologize, perhaps this group of students we had not communicated the fact that we were looking at this problem,” Meisenzahl said. “So we appreciate KHON’s call on that front.”

Roofers have been on campus this week, but UH still doesn’t know what the problem or solution is.

“They started to look into the plumbing situation. They couldn’t quite figure it out. They thought they might have to go into the wall. It’s been kind of a process of elimination,” Meisenzahl said.

As a result, the university will send another update to students. Staff will also go door-to-door to talk to anyone who may be affected. They will also remind students who have problems to report it online, contact their RA and visit the student housing office.

“Just let us know what your problems are and we promise, we’re going to do everything we can to address them,” Meisenzahl said.

If students are not happy with their dorm or apartment, UH said it will relocate them.

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