Honolulu Magazine: Top doctors of 2015

Honolulu Magazine is the state’s best-selling monthly magazine. This month’s issue is their annual doctors issue, which includes a list of 530+ doctors in 60 specialties. Editor, Robbie Dingeman, joins us with more information.


According to Dingeman, their senior editor Don Wallace led the team effort bringing up some inspirational doctor stories.  ‘Doctors who make a difference’ focuses on five doctors with fascinating and heartwarming stories.

Don and Katrina Valcourt and Ikaika Ramones talked to some of the doctors in our community including one who did pioneering work on a face transplant, another making history with a bionic eye and high-tech glasses that can help to end blindness, another working on how genes play a role in illness focusing his work in native Hawaiian communities; another diagnosing sleep disorders that plague so many; and another with clinical trials, one studying if noni can help with prostate cancer.

Looking ahead, Dingeman says excitement is building around the magazine for two of their signature events: The annual Hale Aina restaurant awards is coming up September 27th at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  And their second Honolulu Fashion Week is coming up with events at the Hawaii Convention Center from November 20 to 22, celebrating Hawaii fashion, from the latest new designers to legacy looks.


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